Were You Charged for Impairment at a RIDE Checkpoint: What to Do Next?

Being stopped at a RIDE checkpoint and getting charged with an impaired driving offence is not the most enjoyable holiday experience or the best way to start off the New Year. For many people, who are caught driving under the influence at RIDE checkpoints, this is their first offence. Unfortunately, they thought they knew their legal limit and believed they were within it when they were screened and failed their sobriety tests.

The initial response many people have is to just get the matter resolved as quickly as possible. They plead guilty to the offence not realizing the consequences of their actions until afterwards. Then, they realize they should not have been so fast to attempt to get their legal problem resolved.

What you may not realize is there a specific mandatory fines, penalties, and fees for pleading guilty to or being convicted for an impaired driving offence. The severity of the consequences depends upon the type of impairment offence, which could include:

  • Impaired Driving while under the Influence of Alcohol
  • Impaired Driving while under the Influence of Drugs
  • Impaired Driving while under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs
  • Impaired Driving while “Over 80”

In some cases you may even be sentenced to imprisonment for varying periods of time!

Furthermore, the impacts on your life are far reaching. Did you know that you could be barred from traveling internationally, even to the United States, if your criminal record shows you were convicted for an impaired driving offence? Not to mention, the costs associated with license reinstatement, vehicle insurance, and interlock device monitoring could easily costs thousands of dollars.

The first thing you need to do is to not plead guilty to the offence. After being released from policy custody, make sure to get your vehicle out of impound as soon as possible. Next, contact an impaired driving lawyer in Ottawa to discuss your charges. While you may feel your case is hopeless, there possibly couldbe certain circumstances that could be used to develop a strategic defence to the charges.

Even though the law does allow you to represent yourself against the charges, this is never recommended. The laws regarding impaired driving offences are complex and detailed. Fully understanding the implications of these laws and how they could impact your life, if you were convicted and found guilty, is often beyond the scope of your abilities.

When you have sound legal representation from an experienced DUI lawyer, you will have a much better chance at reaching the best possible outcome for your offence. To find out your legal rights and discover what options are available to fight your impaired driving offence, contact Céline Dostaler today at 613.695.8595 for a free, 30-minute consultation appointment.


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