The Hidden Costs of Being Found Guilty of DUI in Ottawa

People often overlook the hidden costs of being found guilty of DUI and impaired driving criminal offences. Rather, when they are initially charged, the only thing on their mind is to get the charges resolved as quickly as possible, without putting much thought into how pleading guilty to the charge will impact their life in the future. Whether you are charged with impaired driving, driving over 0.80, refusal to provide a breath sample, or care and control offence, you need to seriously consider how pleading guilty will affect your livelihood.

All criminal convictions have minimum and maximum penalties that go beyond having driving privileges revoked and suspended. The court can require people found guilty of any DUI and impaired driving offence to complete an educational course, of which the fees for the course are the responsibility of the guilty person.

In addition, if and when your driving privileges are restored, the court can require you to use a breathalyzer interlock device in every vehicle you drive. Your car insurance company rates are going to increase, substantially, too, because you are considered a high risk driver. Further, there are minimum and maximum cash penalties the court can impose, with most averaging at least $1,000. On top of court imposed fines, you could be required to pay court costs, fees, and even be incarnated in jail.

A conviction for a DUI or impaired driving offence is recorded on your permanent criminal record. The impacts of your criminal record could lead to a loss employment, difficulties in finding suitable employment, and travel restrictions. For instance, you can barred from entering the United States and other foreign countries by simply having a single DUI or impaired driving charge on your permanent criminal record, even if the offence was not recent. If you are sentenced to jail, as part of your conviction, you very well could lose your job and ability to earn income.

Hopefully, now see why pleading guilty to a DUI or impaired driving charge, just to get it resolved quickly is never a good idea, without first consulting with a lawyer. If you have been charged, it is better to consult with a qualified DUI lawyer in Ottawa to discuss your case and your options. There are several different defences to DUI and impaired driving charges, depending upon the circumstances surrounding your case.

Your criminal defence lawyer will review how the police handled and conducted your arrest and whether any of your rights were violated. In the event your rights were violated, it is sometimes possible to get the charges completely dismissed. Your lawyer also examines the facts in the case, as every DUI and impaired driving case relies heavily upon facts.

For instance, in one case, the police stopped the accused at 10:36 PM. The process to bring the person to the station and collect breath samples was not completed until 12:48 AM. There was also 3 gaps in time amounting to 33 minutes total, which the police could not explain. The court found the breath samples were not collected, as soon as deemed practical, so the accused was acquitted of the charges.

Keep in mind this is just one example and should not be used as legal advice or to predict the outcome of your own case. For more information or to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your DUI or impaired driving charges, contact Ottawa DUI lawyer, Céline Dostaler at Impaired Law Desk today by phoning 613-695-8595.


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