Ottawa Impaired Driving Lawyer Discusses What You Need to Know about Care and Control

"Care and Control" is a special type of impaired driving offence one can be charged with if they are found to be in the care and control of their vehicle. The law also applies to aircraft, railway equipment, and vessels (i.e. boats and ships). The general definition of "Care and Control" is having access to the vehicle and the ability to accidentally or intentionally move the vehicle by setting it into motion while impaired.


Thinking You Are Fine to Drive May Still Result in a DUI in Ottawa

One common mistake people make in regards to operating a motor vehicle and driving under the influence (DUI), is assuming they are perfectly fine to get behind the vehicle. They believe their “tolerance” for alcohol is much higher than compared to others, so do not think they are drunk and can drive safely.


Were You Charged for Impairment at a RIDE Checkpoint: What to Do Next?

Being stopped at a RIDE checkpoint and getting charged with an impaired driving offence is not the most enjoyable holiday experience or the best way to start off the New Year. For many people, who are caught driving under the influence at RIDE checkpoints, this is their first offence. Unfortunately, they thought they knew their legal limit and believed they were within it when they were screened and failed their sobriety tests.


The Laws for Impaired Driving Offences Have Changed

The laws regarding impaired driving were updated back in October 2016 to reflect a distinction between driving under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of drugs. In the past, the law viewed impaired driving offences as essentially the same, with little distinctions.


How to Avoid Impaired Driving Offences this Holiday Season

With the holidays just right around the corner, you will soon start receiving invites to all sorts of parties and events from friends and family members, as well as corporate/business events. All of these events can be fun and exciting to attend. However, one of the biggest mistakes people can make is thinking that law enforcement is going to let things slide, just because it’s the holidays.


Common Questions about DUI and Impaired Driving Offences in Ottawa

People, who have been charged with an impaired driving offence, often have questions about their legal rights and the law. Below are some of the more common and frequently asked questions. Do keep in mind this content should only be used for informational purposes and not be taken as actual legal advice. If you require legal advice for an impaired driving offence, please consult with a qualified impaired driving lawyer in Ottawa.


The Hidden Costs of Being Found Guilty of DUI in Ottawa

People often overlook the hidden costs of being found guilty of DUI and impaired driving criminal offences. Rather, when they are initially charged, the only thing on their mind is to get the charges resolved as quickly as possible, without putting much thought into how pleading guilty to the charge will impact their life in the future. Whether you are charged with impaired driving, driving over 0.80, refusal to provide a breath sample, or care and control offence, you need to seriously consider how pleading guilty will affect your livelihood.


What Is the Difference between Impaired Driving and Over 80?

Two types of DUI charges in Ottawa, and throughout Ontario, are impaired driving and over 80. These are different criminal offences, each with their own penalties and consequences if you are found guilty or take a plea agreement. In some cases, some people are charged with both impaired driving and driving over 80. In order to understand the differences between the two DUI offences, you need to know exactly what each one means, first.


The RIDE Program Is Back for the 2015 Holiday Season

The Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) program has officially kicked off for this holiday season. The program is designed to help reduce the number of impaired and drunk drivers on the road. With all of your holiday parties, shopping, and other events this holiday season, remember if you do decide to drink, do not drive.


Alcohol and Boating: What You Need to Know

With summertime just around the corner, enjoying a nice day out on the Ottawa River or your favourite inland lake, or even a weekend jaunt to enjoy Lake Ontario, could quickly become a disaster if you decide to drink alcohol while operating your boat. It can be tempting, especially on those hot summer days, to bring along some cold and chilled alcoholic beverages to help cool down and enjoy your fun day on the water.


What to Do If You Notice Someone Driving Erratically

Impaired and drunk driving is not limited to just the nighttime hours. People get behind the week at all times of the day and night after consuming too much alcohol or being impaired from drugs. Unfortunately, these people make driving on Ottawa roads that much more risky and can lead to accidents causing property damage and personal injuries.


Misconceptions about DUI and Drunk Driving

People have several misconceptions when it comes to drunk driving and DUI (driving under the influence) of drugs and/or alcohol. To help people better understand the seriousness of drunk driving and DUI, let’s review some of the more common misconceptions.



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